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Before you start your course we will send you a placement test and then you should to fill it, and send it back. This gives us an approximate idea of your level of Polish. 

If you do not know which lesson you want to choose, please contact us:

You must pay for any tuition at least 5 hours before the start of the lesson!


Do you want to learn

some Polish for your next holiday? 

What are you going to learn in this short course?

1. Greeting expressions – Cześć, Dzień dobry, Do widzenia etc.
2. Use of verb “to be” (być) “to live” (mieszkać) “to like” (lubić)
3. Use of some basic nouns & pronouns 
4. Talking about yourself & your family & your friends
5. Polish songs - “Sto lat”, “Hymn Narodowy”, “Ona tańczy dla mnie”
6. Numbers 0-100
7. Hobby – piłka nożna, siatkówka, badmington etc.
8. Asking and answering questions 
9. Filling up basic information 
10. Constant conversation practice
11. Adjectives: duży/duża mały/mała wysoki/wysoka mały etc.
12. Describing things
13. Useful expressions when abroad
14. Telling the time / ask “Która godzina?”
15. Days of the week/ months / year
16. Giving information about events, party etc.
17. Asking for information
18. Buying a bus/train ticket
19. Shopping 
20. Asking for things
21. Ordinal numbers
22. Ordering in a Bar/ Restaurant/ Pub/ Coffee Shop
23. Checking in at a hotel
24. Asking for directions


Price: £ 100.00 for 5 INTENSIVE LESSONS
Place: Skype (username:



1. Polish Language for Beginners


Survival Polish short courses comprise of 30 or 50 lessons. We recommend them to anyone who has never had any contact with the Polish language and would like to communicate in Polish in typical everyday situations.
The list of subjects includes: introducing yourself and getting information from the speaker, introductory and polite phrases, basic small talk, signs and notices, going shopping, going to a restaurant, bank, post office etc.
This Polish course can be organised both for individuals and organised groups.


This course is aimed at non-native Polish speakers who never had any contact with Polish culture and Polish language. Certificate available.


1 lesson (60 minutes) - £ 20




2. Exploring Polish: Language & Culture


This course is for people who are learning Polish and who are interested in finding out more about Polish culture and improving their Polish language skills.

The course does not follow a language syllabus but takes authentic Polish in context as its starting point. Short excercises and discussions will help you measure your understanding and practise your Polish throughout the course. 


This course is aimed at non-native Polish speakers and higher level speakers who have studied Polish to around intermediate level (approximately B1-B2). Certificates available. 

1 lesson (60 minutes) - £ 20

10 lessons - £ 200

30 lessons - £ 600

3. Personalised Polish Online Course


A 'tailor-made' course. There is a possibility of spending everyday few hours with your tutor - Jolanta, who will adjust to your learning needs and help you explore the subject chosen by you. You will can talk about the opera, theatre, museum etc. and teacher help you to practice your Polish language skills. For some, using the Callan method is a more attractive and an easier way of learning. Certificate available.


1 lesson (60 minutes) - £ 20

10 lessons  -  £200


4. Intensive Polish Language Online Course


Our teachers with variety teaching experience will to help you become fluent in Polish, quickly and effectively. Individual lessons at your pace and duration. Polish teachers provides the instruction and 24h support, because you need to start speaking fast and properly :) Certificate available.


1 lesson (90 minutes) - £ 25

10 lessons  - £250


Please, check when your teacher is available...


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We offer 1:1 tutoring only for students from Gloucestershire

(prices are stayng the same)

What do you need to get started?



*a computer or a laptop or a tablet with a webcam,

*a headset with microphone,

*a positive attitude to learning Polish language :)

Get in touch today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact with Jolanta Lisowiec Or use our contact form.

We are open for customers during the following times:

Monday - Friday
 10:00 - 18.00

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